About Us

Who is 4wheel productions?

Meet the team

We are a family owned business that loves exploring and sharing the stories and places that we find along the way. Our happy place usually involves red dirt and a decent drive to get there, but that is all part of the adventure. Having the opportunity to show our two children the amazing place that is their home is the icing on the cake.

chris morton

Chris loves the bush. Red dirt, in particular, frames his happy place. The more remote the better. He loves digging up stories about people and places, and learning new skills. He spent his entire childhood on farms and small country towns. He has worked in retail, in an alumina refinery, was a soldier, a SCUBA instructor and a computer nerd, before buying a 4WD magazine.

karen morton

Karen’s meticulous eye for detail and design flair is a big part of our success. Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience, she has an intimate knowledge of the print process in all of its varied forms and can create high quality designs for all printed media. Our travels have reignited her love of painting, in particular, watercolours, which she has demonstrated a mastery of the art. View her work here.

Our Story

How did we
get here?

It all started with a car crash. Chris’s recovery resulted in the couple selling their IT company a few years later. Wanting to find something less intense and lower stress, they bought a 4WD magazine.

Along with the magazine, they purchased the rights and stock to a bunch of 4WD guide books. Karen’s graphic design experience, attention to detail and ability to keep Chris on task opened up a world of new possibilities. 4Wheel Productions was born.

COVID knocked us for a six, just as we were starting to get some momentum and we considered getting “real jobs” so that we could keep the lights on. Our advertisers cancelled as the world succumbed to the pandemic. Even when things started to get back to normal, many of our traditional supporters had moved on to working with influencers and other online mediums.

An offer was made to take the magazine to our printing company and work for them. That worked for a while before Chris decided to part ways and finally get that “real job”. We thought about winding the business up, however, the interest in our guides has never really abated.